Cultural and linguistic competency (CLC) is a developmental process, achieved through ongoing self-assessment, reflection, and continuous education. The National Center for Cultural Competence cautions organizations who may think that this is a finite process:

“Cultural competence is a complex framework, and there is a tendency for systems and organizations to want a textbook solution, a quick fix, a recipe, or a “how to”, step-by-step approach. The complexity of achieving cultural competence does not allow for such an easy solution.”

The complex and fluid nature of this process demands that organizations institutionalize a culture of learning and development. The purpose of ongoing CLC education and training is to increase capacity of staff, continuously assess progress, and prepare and support a workforce to work more effectively with diverse populations.

These resources will help you to:

  1. Articulate Learning Objectives for all levels of the organization.
  2. Incorporate cultural and linguistic competency learning into regular staff activities.
  3.  Develop training opportunities based on identified need.
  4.  Identify external and community resources to further staff cultural competency development.