Recruitment & Hiring Strategies

Diversity Recruitment That Works: This article provides tips and resources for improving your recruitment strategies to attract more diverse candidates, as well as readying your workplace to become more inclusive and attractive to diverse candidates. Includes ideas for recruitment sources and websites. This source should be used to generate ideas for local and regional recruitment sources.

Diversifying Applicant Pools: This resource from Duke University provides dos, don’ts, and a checklist for developing a new recruitment plan to increase diversity among applicants. This resource can provide a framework to organizations as they look to adapt their current recruitment and hiring processes to be more inclusive.


Organizational Assessments

Cultural Competence Organizational Assessment: This assessment tool provides a framework for organizations to assess their cultural competency. The tool breaks the process down into five steps, including surveys, interviews, evaluating the results, and reporting to multiple audiences. Though this tool was specifically designed for clinical healthcare environments, it can be applied to any organization providing health services and can be adjusted for length and rigorousness according to the size and needs of the organization.

Staff Assessment Worksheet: This worksheet can be used to identify current diversity within your staff and/or board and any gaps you may wish to fill through more targeted recruitment. Compare the internal demographic makeup of your organization to the demographic makeup of your community to ensure your staff is appropriately representative of your community.


Shaping a Multicultural Environment

Organizational Supports for Culturally Competent Care: Includes techniques, tips, and strategies for organizations to plan for and support culturally and linguistically competent service delivery enhancements.

Physical Environment Checklist: This brief checklist, developed by Chapman University, provides prompts to assess the physical environment of an organization to be welcoming and accessible to people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Multicultural Calendar: Includes major holidays and events of various religions and ethnicities. This tool provides basic information about when these events generally fall during the calendar year so that organizations can plan for these events in upcoming calendars and scheduling.