Organizational Assessments

Organizational Assessment: Provides assessment templates for evaluating an organization’s efforts
towards: Client and Community Input, Diverse and Culturally Competent Staff, Evaluation and Data
Management, Language and Interpreter Services, Organizational Policies and Procedures, and Client and
Provider Relations.
Organizational Self-Assessment for Addressing Health Inequities Toolkit: The Bay Area Regional Health
Inequities Initiative has developed this toolkit to provide public health leaders with resources and
guidelines that help identify the skills, organizational practices, and infrastructure needed to address
health equity and provide insights into steps local health departments can take to ensure their
organization can have an impact on this growing problem.


Diversity Policies

CDC’s Office of Minority Health and Health Equity / Diversity and Inclusion Management:

Leads the CDC′s diversity effort by focusing its efforts on fostering the development of a strategic framework in support of CDC′s Diversity Policy, which is to ensure that diversity is an integral part of our day-to-day management and public health initiatives.