Welcome to the Ohio Department of Health Cultural and Linguistic Competency Toolkit!  This resource was created for YOU, ODH staff and service providers, to increase capacity for serving Ohio’s diverse communities.

This toolkit is an important piece of the ODH Cultural and Linguistic Competence Planning and Capacity Building efforts.  Find more information about these efforts here.

The ODH Cultural and Linguistic Competency Workgroup, a body comprised of internal and external ODH stakeholders, guided development of this toolkit.  The tools and resources included here have been assembled from various sources, resulting in a compilation of best practices in the field of cultural and linguistic competence.  When appropriate, some of these tools have been adapted for the ODH audience.  In these cases, we have included the original citation to ensure due credit is given to the authors. 

This toolkit provides tools and resources that can be easily implemented into workplace policies, program service design, and quality improvement efforts.  It has been divided into four sections, each designed to meet a specific need identified by the ODH Cultural and Linguistic Competence Workgroup.

Each section includes:

    • A list of objectives the section will help you achieve.
    • An At-a-Glance summary of key highlights, for quick reference.
    • A listing of tools compiled to help you meet the objectives.
    • Additional resources to learn more about specific topics.



ODH Staff: Use this guide to match specific toolkit sections and resources to the relevant ODH Cultural Competency Standards.

For more ideas on increasing cultural and Linguistic Competency among your team, see the 2015 Maternal and Child Health Cultural and Linguistic Competency Strategic Plan.